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18th June 2009 - Coming Soon - Web Hosting plans

Competitively spec'd and priced web hosting coming soon with full access. To find out more now go to my Contact page



6th June 2009 - 46 per cent of Britain's smallest enterprises still without a website

A recent survey released by leading hosting company 1and1 suggested that 41 percent of off-line businesses needed help to get a website. Confusion over cost and time involved were a key in the low take up in small enterprises. Whilst the report goes on to talk about using 'online website packages' (template driven systems you create yourself) the reality is that prices for a custom designed and build website are very reasonable. If you would like to know more about the costs involved or are unsure about any aspect of setting up a web site get in touch today.



15th May 2009 - ER Web Mailer Launches

In mid May ER Web Design & Build launched a new Email Marketing service called ER Web Mailer. Sending marketing emails can be a tricky business - designing emails that look good in different email clients, preventing yourself from getting Blacklisted by ISP's....ER Web Mailer makes sending email marketing messages as easy as possible. As well as giving you the tools to manage your subscribers ER Web Mailer also provides you with reports to see how you campaign did. It's easy to add a Sign Up form to your own website so why not give it a go - it's free to join, has a great pricing structure and it costs nothing to send to 5 people or less. Find out more here.